Tuesday 22 Oct 2019

7000: Financial Management

7000     Goals


7100     Budget and Program Planning

7010     Equivalence in Instructional Staff and Materials

7110     Budget Implementation and Execution

7218     Federal Grant Financial Management System

7120     Budget Adjustments


Accounting System

7200     Accounting System Design

7210     GASB Statement 34 (Accounting System)

7211     GASB Statement 54 (Accounting System

7220     Documentation and Approval of Claims

7225     District Financial Fraud and Theft Prevention

7230     Financial Reporting and Audits

7235     Fiscal Accountability and IDEA Part B Funds

7237     Retention of Records Relating to Federal Grants

7240     Federal Impact Funds

7250     Fund Accounting System

7260     Student Activity Fund

7270     Property Records



7300     Revenues

7305     Investment of Funds

7310     Advertising in Schools/Revenue Enhancement

7320     Allowable Uses for Grant Funds



7320     Allowable Uses for Grant Funds

7400     Purchasing

7405     Public Works Contracting and Procurement

7407     Public Procurement of Goods and Service

7410     Petty Cash Funds

7420     Personal Reimbursements

7430     (Reserved)

7440     District Credit Cards

7440F   District Credit Card Holder Agreement



7500     New Fees or Increase of Fees

7600     Declaration of Financial Emergency

7600P   Declaration of Financial Emergency Procedure

7600F   Declaration of Financial Emergency