Monday 16 Jul 2018


Come Join the Shoshone Booster Club

The Shoshone Booster Club was created to encourage enthusiastic support and interest in Shoshone High/Middle School in every sport, club and education.  Aid the staff in organizing and staging special events and projects.  Support ALL Shoshone Students and contribute to the advancement and needs of the students.  The Shoshone Booster Club will achieve these goals by organizing events, fundraisers and assist in building the Pride and Spirit in Shoshone and among the community in which we live.    



Perks to Being a Member:

     * Support the students at SHS

     * Vote on things the Booster Club is Planning

     * Get 10% off merchandise 

Join today by choosing the following membership options:  

$10– Single                 

$15– Couple               

$50– Bronze Member receives a Tote    

$75– Silver member receives a T-Shirt             

$100– Gold Member Receives a Blanket            

$100– and Up Business Member receives a Plaque                     

Find us on Facebook at Shoshone Booster Club