Sunday 20 Jan 2019

Title III - Language Acquisition

The Idaho Title III/LEP Program's mission is:

  1. 1.To provide assistance to school districts in meeting Federal and State regulations in regards to the education of English language learners.
  2. 2.To assist school districts in creating, implementing and maintaining English language development programs that provide academically rigorous and equitable learning opportunities for English language learners.
  3. 3.To promote culturally relevant and responsive curricula and pedagogies that embrace the unique identities of English language learners.
  4. 4.To help break down social and academic barriers that prevent English language learners from succeeding in schools.

The Shoshone School District Title III funds are used to provide staff that work specifically with LEP students. Each building has a specific goal to address the LEP needs in their building for reading, math and Language Arts as reflected in the consolidated plan. Funding is used for certified FTE employees, classified FTE employees, and professional development as outlined in the consolidated plan. The Shoshone District has incorporated the SIOP model and has committed to a SIOP coach who works intensively with individual teachers across all content areas.

The LEP Plan for the Shoshone School District is designed to address three required topic areas of Limited English Proficient Students. Those three area of educational focus include: 1) Addressing the Linguistic needs of LEP Learners, 2) Addressing the Academic needs of LEP Learners, and 3) Addressing the Cultural needs of LEP Learners.

Documents that further explain the Shoshone School District Title III LEP program are attached below as well as documents that staff may need access to for instruction. For information on the programs in each school, see the district LEP plan and if more information is needed, contact Rob Waite, Federal Program Director for the Shoshone School District.