Friday 15 Dec 2017

Every School Day Counts!

att1Last quarter Mrs. Hoehn’s class earned the traveling attendance trophy with 98.3% attendance.  This quarter the traveling attendance trophy goes to Mrs. Newman’s class with 97.3%.  Mrs. Kniep’s class came in a really close second with 97%.  It came down to two 1 absence between Mrs. Newman’s class and Mrs. Kniep’s class.   Ms. Smith’s class came in third with 96.8%.  Wow!  Mrs. Hoehn’s class will receive an ice cream treat for their awesome attendance.

As a school we reached our goal of 95% attendance.  Looks like we will have a "Wear a Silly Hat Day" on Thursday, January 26. Wow!  Keep up the good work.       

We would like to congratulate Ms. Smith’s class for having the best attendance for 1st and 2nd quarters combined.  They have attended school 98.4% of the time.  Mrs. Kniep’s class came in a close second with 97.7% and Mrs. Newman’s class with 97.2%.  Ms. Smith’s class will receive an ice cream treats for their outstanding 1st Semester attendance.  Click here for a list of the award winners.

Idaho Capital Educators Foundation

ty1Idaho Capital Educators Foundation We would like to thank Idaho Capital Educators for their very kind donation of $750.00 to be used in our library to purchase books for “The Leader in Me” and “Project Read a Loud” programs. During the school year (Sept-Mar), Capital Educators award grants to Idaho teachers and educators. These grants help pay for programs, materials, or special projects for the students in their classrooms. Thank you Mrs. Owens for always thinking of our students and for taking the time to apply for this grant.


Thank you A & G Irrigation of Jerome for providing the prizes for our 2016 Halloween Costume Winners!  

Thank You, Gooding Rotary Club

Our third grade teachers and students would like to thank the Gooding Rotary Club for donating, “A Student’s Dictionary” to each of our third grade students.  The students were very excited to get a dictionary and quickly put them to good use. 


Shoshone Elementary School had a GREAT Halloween celebration!  Check out the winners!

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Winter Market - a Huge Success

Shoshone Elementary School would like to send a huge “Thank You” shout out to all our students and staff along with all the parents and community members who so kindly and generously supported our Winter Market Storyline Culmination on December 6th.

Read more: Winter Market - a Huge Success

A Parents' Guide to Success

ssA Parents’ Guide to Student Success”, is a document which will help you understand what your child is learning this year, and also give you ideas of ways to help them at home.  These guides are written for each grade level, so if you have more than one child please look for each different grade level guide.  The State of Idaho and Shoshone Elementary are highly committed to teaching the Idaho Common Core Standards.  We believe these standards are designed to ensure each child will be prepared for success in college and workforce.  Click here to view "A Parents' Guide to Student Success".

Fuel Up to Play 60, Mayor Walking Challenge

walkShoshone Elementary just completed the “Fuel Up to Play 60 Mayor Walking Challenge”.  Throughout the month of October Mayor Pierson visited the school daily to walk with our students.  We did not win our division, but the students did a great job walking over 1,800 miles.  With Mayor Pierson's help we ended up earning a grant of $1,250.00 to spend on new P.E equipment.  Great job-- Shoshone Elementary!

A Special Thank You

tinkMrs. Newman and Mrs. Torkelson along with all our fifth students would like to thank Clay Ritter and Sarah Stowell from the Shoshone Public Library for volunteering their time to come and show our students how to use the app “Tinkercad”.  This app was then used to create a box which Clay and Sarah will print using the 3-D printer from the public library.  Awesome!