Friday 20 Apr 2018

State Testing Begins Soon

stStudents in grades 3 - 5 will begin state testing on April 17th and go until May 10th. The ISATs are given each year in the spring, and are a measure of both your child’s achievement and growth this year and also as a measure of our school’s success in meeting your child’s academic needs. Testing will be held in your child’s regular classroom. Your child will take two tests in math and two tests in language arts. If your child is in 5th grade they will also take a science test. Your child will only be tested once weekly for five weeks. It is extremely important your child is at school for these tests. A schedule of the tests will be published soon. 

The week of April 23rd – 26th, students in grades K - 3 will take the Idaho Reading Indicator test (IRI). This is an annual test to measure the progress of your child’s reading skills. Research has shown if a child is successful on this test, they have a greater chance of being a successful reader throughout life. Our trained test proctors will be giving the test individually to all K-3 students throughout the week.