Tuesday 20 Aug 2019

Shoshone Spruce Up

May 21, 8:30 -Noon

To show their school pride K-5 students will be picking up trash and cleaning different places around our school. Kindergarten is in charge of picking up trash and scrubbing garbage cans on the playground. First grade is also in charge of picking up trash around the school, scrubbing garbage cans and sweeping rocks and dirt off the sidewalks. Second grade will clean the bleachers in the big gym. Ms. Divine’s third grade class will clean the folding chairs while Mrs. Koonce’s class will clean the inside of the buses. Fourth grade is walking over to the old school to pick up trash and clean the bleachers and inside of the gym. Fifth grade will walk over to the fairgrounds and pick up trash over there. We appreciate all the students that are participating in this activity. School and community pride is very important. Please have your child dress according to the weather on Tuesday, May 21. Rubber gloves will be provided.