Safety Plan and Procedures

With the recent focus on school safety, the staff at Shoshone School District has spent time reviewing our current safety plan and procedures.  With a few minor changes we feel confident that our plan provides a high degree of safety and security for both students and staff. 

As a parent of a Shoshone student(s), you can help us by following school procedures for dropping off, picking up, and visiting/volunteering during school hours.  Please take a few minutes and review the following procedures:

            1.         Please remember that the front entrance of the school is the ONLY entrance that parent/visitors should use.  All doors are  locked during school hours. 

            2.          All visitors MUST check in through the doorbell/speaker system  located at the front of the school inside the breezeway.

            3.         During arrival and departure times, parents who wish to wait for  their child/children MUST remain outside the main front doors. If there is an immediate need for you to speak with                          a staff  remmember, you may request to enter the school by ringing the appropriate doorbell for M.S./H.S. or elementary office.

            4.         Unauthorized adults are not permitted on the playground during school hours.  This includes when students first arrive at school.   Only parents/visitors that have a clearance pass                          obtained through the M.S./H.S. of  elementary office are allowed to be on  the playground. 

All Shoshone staff are responsible for monitoring these procedures and will re-direct parents/visitors to the office when necessary.  Please understand that student safety remains a top priority for our school.  We will continue our efforts toward making Shoshone School District both a safe place for children to learn, as well as a welcome place for families to visit and be involved with their child’s/children’s education.