4000     Table of Contents
4000     Community Relations
4100     Public Relations
4105     Public Participation in Board Meeting
4105F   Request to Appear Before the Board
4110     Public Complaints
4120     Uniform Grievance Procedure
4120F   Concern You Would Like Addressed
4130     Public Access to District Records
4130F  District Record Request Form
4140    Visitors to the Schools
4150    Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities
4160    Notice to Parents Required by No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 ("NCLB")
4200    School-Support Organizations
4210    Community Use of School Facilities
4210F  Fee Schedule for Community Use of School Facilities
4210P  Community Use of School Facilities
4220     Facilities Use Agreement
4225    Equipment Usage 
4230    Use of School Property for Posting Notices
4240    Distribution of Fund Drive Literature Through Students
4300    Conduct on School Property
4310    Contact with Students
4320     Disruption of School Operations
4330     Spectator Conduct and Sportsmanship for Athletic and Co-Curricular Events
4400     Relations with the Law Enforcement and Child Protective Agencies
4410     Investigations and Arrests by Police
4420     Sex Offenders
4420F(1)  Letter to Parents Regarding Visits to School by Convicted Sex Offenders
4220F(2)  Letter to Employers & Contractors Regarding Access to School Property by Sex Offenders
4500      Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools
4500R   Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools (Regulations)
4510R   Donations of Material/Equipment Affecting Building Structure or Maintenance (Regulations)
4530F   Crowdfunding Request Form
4600     Volunteer Assistance
4600F1   Volunteer Application
4600F2   Fingerprint Check Request
4600F3   Volunteer Confidentiality
4600P    Volunteer Assistance Procedures